Stopping Critical Race Theory and Racial Discrimination in Public Institutions

Will Americans practice racial discrimination if the federal government tells them to?

Or will they stand up for the constitution of the United States and ensure that all Americans are treated equally by their government, regardless of the color of their skin?

As public schools and universities come under new pressure from the federal government to implement a battery of racialized practices targeting students and teachers alike, a new initiative of the Goldwater Institute will help ensure that neither educators nor their pupils are subjected to politically radical, racially divisive treatment.

At the same time, this initiative will stop dead in its tracks a new tactic being used to block aspiring teachers from serving in our schools unless they profess allegiance to a racialized political agenda.

A powerful way to stop Critical Race Theory in Public Institutions

Our Proposed Solution and Model Policy

  • Prohibit the use of taxpayer resources to teach “critical race theory” in public schools or mandatory staff trainings.

  • Prevent students from being excluded from multicultural or other on-campus spaces or being segregated by school sponsored affinity groups on account of their race.

  • Require schools to treat students equally in matters of discipline rather than basing punishments on the race of the students.

  • End the state-sanctioned practice of screening out aspiring educators who are insufficiently dedicated to the progressive vision of discriminatory racial activism.

  • Establish robust “affirmative action” bans in government institutions, and in states with them already, closing the common loophole that allows the federal government to extort our state institutions into practicing racial discrimination.

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